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Environmental, Economic & Ethical Diamond Initiatives

Giving Back

Large scale diamond mining companies must adhere to strict environmental standards and develop environmental management, monitoring, and protection plans. These plans are created in collaboration with local communities, as well as local and national governments, through a comprehensive multi-stakeholder engagement process that begins before permitting, well over a decade before one single sustainable diamond is recovered.

Natural Diamond Council members lay a large focus on defining, tracking and reporting on their sustainability programs, aligning with sustainable diamond standards such as ISO 14001-the international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system (EMS), the Carbon Disclosure Project for the management of environmental impact, and the GRI global standard for sustainability reporting, and the UNGC.

Did you Know? Natural Diamond Council members protect 1,023 square miles of land, which is three times more than land they use.

83% of water used to recover Natural mined Diamonds is recycled

Natural Diamond Council Members directly and indirectly support the livelihoods of more than 10 million people worldwide, generating more than US £20 billion per year in net socio-economic and environmental benefits. [Source:

These benefits are infused into communities through local employment, education, sourcing of goods and services, taxes and royalties, social programs, and infrastructure investment.

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