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Ring Size Guide

The Perfect Fit, First Time!

Don’t worry if you don’t know the ring size you need, our Ring Size Guide is here to help you get it right!


How to Measure Ring Size at Home

We’ve created a downloadable ring sizer guide to make finding  your perfect ring size as easy as 1,2,3 – just follow these simple steps!

Download your ring size guide See more


  • Download and print our ring sizer on A4 paper
  • With scissors, carefully cut around the sizer tool
  • Place the sizer around your finger
  • Pull the end through the dotted line slot
  • Pull until it fits snugly around your finger
  • Make sure it slides over your knuckle
  • The letter which the arrow is pointing to is your ring size
  • Please note that thicker band widths need a larger ring size
  • Please note that this is only a guide and will not take into account the style of ring.

Suprise, suprise!

If you’re planning a surprise proposal this part can be tricky! My best advice is to enlist the help of friends or family, someone you can trust not to spoil the moment and see if they know the details. See if you can find another ring that your partner wears, place it on your own finger and make a mark where it sits, then use the ring size guide to help you find the size that matches up. The fingers on your right hand tend to always be 1 size smaller than the fingers on the left so that might help too.

Handy Hints

Measure your finger at a few different times during the day as it can go up and down throughout the day depending on several factors including temperature.

If you need to be discreet, try using a ring from the right hand – Right hand ring fingers are generally 1 whole size bigger than the left hand ring finger!

If all else fails, we offer a free sizing service on our rings – T&C’s apply